When will I hit puberty?

When will I hit puberty?

What is puberty?

Puberty is the period in which the boys and girls that are growing pass through the process of sexual masturbation. It is the time which involves the stages which can lead to the development of sex characteristics and through the achievement of fertility. The physical features which change in growing kids during puberty are the growth of the pubic hair. The puberty is the process which includes number of physical and biological transformations and it is the process which has the effect on the emotional and the psychosocial development of adolescent.

Age of puberty

Now let us understand when the puberty occurs. It is the thing which varies for individual to individual. It usually occurs at the age of 10 14 in girls and in boys it occurs at a later age than girls. In boys it occurs at the age of 12 to 16 years. In some of the girls and locations it occurs at the age of 9 which means that it can range from 9 to 14 years. This shows that the level of maturity is achieved faster in girls as compared to boys as they have puberty early than boys.

The adolescent girl reaches the age of puberty earlier in current times as compared to the earlier times. The reason behind that are the environmental influence and the nutritional habits. In 1900 the menstrual period in girls used to be at the age of 15 years and then it dropped to 12 years. The physical changes of girls and boys are different at the time of puberty. The girls have the first development of breast at the time of puberty. In current times the puberty may start at the age of 7 years in girls and for boys it may start at the age of 9 years.


The girls have first sign of puberty is the breast development and then the hair grows in the pubic area. It also grows in the armpits. Menstruation is also the reason of puberty and usually it occurs at the last stage. In boys puberty starts with the penis becoming big and the testicles becomes big. The hair grows in the armpits and the pubic area. The muscles of boys grow and the voice deepens. The hair on face start growing and this way the process of puberty goes on. The growth of acne is also the sign of puberty. The generic and environmental factors play an important role in puberty.

When will I hit puberty?


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