Why Do I Feel So Empty?

Why Do I Feel So Empty?


In this post we will go over the root of your emptiness, its very very easy to get caught up in life and plain out feel empty. It is easier to feel empty than put butter on toast.. Why do I feel so empty though is the question your asking.


Now lets get into why you do you feel so empty, so the reason you feel so empty is you are counting on something either out of your control or plain out unfulfilling to make you feel whole and complete.



So to help you feel not so empty you need to count on someone greater than all the emptiness, you guessed it, God. God is the only one who won’t leave you feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied or plain out not feeling whole. He is the only one you can rely on for your fulfillment. Specifically I am talking about Jesus. Open up to Jesus and tell Him what you are going through it help you more than you know. Specifically what ever you are going through just open up about what you are struggling with and He will help you so much.


Where else can you turn? Nothing else has ever made you feel complete this is your last choice. This is your final answer to your problems. It will be somewhat hard to get everything out so maybe you could have someone who truly cares listen to you you open up to God. It will help tremendously, Get out the good the bad and the ugly to Him and you will not regret it. Don’t waste anymore time open up right now if you can, there is no better time then now. Comment below how you feel after you give God your all I promise you will feel a weight lifted off of you because you got all of what you opened up about off your chest.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you are still asking the question Why Do I Feel So Empty?






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