When do boys start getting erections?

When do boys start getting erections? Get to know more about it in details!

If you are the guy in your teenage years, it is quite probable that you might be too worried about your recent changes in your body. Chances are you might be too ashamed to talk about the changes in your body to your parents. Thus, for boys like that, this article is the perfect solution to questions like “When do boys start getting erections?” if you have no idea what is going on with your body, then it is best if you read this article thoroughly. Certain facts might help you deal with this problem even better.

Why does erection take place?

It might happen that you can feel your penis starts getting harder and stiffer. But, there is nothing you can do anything about it. You might feel ashamed about it, but the fact is you are not alone in this. Each and every male alive in this world have faced the same situation. It is a very normal thing and happens to everyone. Your body might go through a lot of changes. The voices start to change, and hair in the underarm and pubic arm starts appearing as well.

However, there is an absolute restriction which you should follow that will give you a proper erection.

Ways to find out if you have a difficulty or not

If you see that, you have a problem regarding the erection of your penis, or if you find it hard to keep an even penis, then it strongly indicates that you a serious issue with your penis. The problem is primarily named as erectile dysfunction. This is the inability of a man to satisfy his sexual desires with his partner.

When does the problem usually appear?

After knowing the answer to your question When do boys start getting erections? it is time to find out when this dysfunction happens. It is usually around the age of 60 this happens. And if the person has some problem then he must visit a doctor and look for solutions. Aging is one of the biggest factors of erectile dysfunction. However, it is mainly associated with decreasing hormone in the male body.

How does erection occur?

This happened when the chambers of the penis called the corpora cavernosa fills with blood. Whenever the brain signals the nerves, blood starts flowing through the arteries and results in an erection. The nerves in the penis produce nitric oxide that helps to maintain the erection.

When do boys start getting erections? around 12 to 14

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