What happens if you masterbate too much?

What happens if you masterbate too much

What happens if you masterbate too much – Getting to know the physical and psychological effects

What happens if you masterbate too much? This is a question that many tend to ask as they are anxious to know if it is good or bad?

in the past, both teenage boys and men were discouraged sternly from masterbating. They were told about the dire consequences that they had to face due to excess masterbating, resulting in impotency, infertility, blindness, hairy palms, etc.

presently, it is accepted generally that masturbation is not just normal, but also could have significant emotional and physiological benefits. But one has to know that excess of anything, there could emerge issues and the same is with over-masterbation, where men may experience substantial problems with regards to penile, physical and psychological health.

What is over-masturbation?

It does not refer only to frequent masterbation, even though, it may be performed repeatedly in a single day. Rather, it refers to extreme behavior which borders on compulsion/obsession.

What happens if you masterbate too much – Understanding the common negative effects

Sexual fatigue: If there is experienced excess masterbation, more specially with frequent ejaculation, the man’s chemistry is altered, thereby causing unwanted negative side effects like fatigue, hair loss, memory loss, blurred vision, etc. Testicular and groin pay also may occur. Not allowing refractory period may make it all the more difficult for achieving and sustaining an erection, thereby resulting in appearance of impotence. These affects can be alleviated by reducing masterbation frequency.

Addictive behaviors: Compulsive masterbaters are seen to exhibit addictive behaviors like inability to stop, losing interest in the day to day activities, hiding their behavior, withdrawal from friends and family, facing difficulty at work, etc. Such people should seek immediate medical attention.

Losing interest in opposite sex: Men performing excessive masterbation may stop having interest in partner sex. They will not experience the subtle sensations which can help bring an orgasm. Over-masterbation only will  make them feel fatigued and not perform well with the other party, thereby leading to relationship issues, including losing self-esteem, because of perceived impotence. If such habits interfere healthy relationship, then it would be essential to have honest conversation  and to seek couples therapy.

Loss of sensation or soreness: A lot of stress is placed on penile tissue in men, especially those using aggressive  techniques – much tighter grip, twisting and yanking, rubbing vigorously against different objects, etc. These methods only would cause extreme soreness that is likely to take place with time and also toughen the nerve and skin desensitization, leading towards penis sensation  loss.

Consulting a good health expert qualified in the particular domain can help to overcome the situation. That is what happens when you masterbate too much.


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