Tanner Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Tanner Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Tanner Stages

Teenagers are experiencing different forms of maturation and these include cognitive which pertains to the development of the formal operational thought, psychosocial or the phases of adolescence and biologic. The complex series of the biologic changes are called puberty and such changes might affect the psychosocial factors. The most apparent changes during the period of puberty are growth in stature as well as the development of the secondary sexual features. Equivalently profound are the changes in the body composition, fertility achievement, and changes in most systems of the body like the neuroendocrine axis, size, bone and mineralization, including the cardiovascular system.

As a sample, the normal cardiovascular changes that involve the greater aerobic energy reserve, blood pressure change and electrocardiographic changes take place during the puberty period.

The Tanner Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Theoretically, pubertal maturation could be described when it comes to sequence, tempo and timing and the sequence of these changes in the secondary sexual characteristics which was categorized by the different groups. Since the onset and the progression of puberty are highly variable, Tanner proposed the scale and it is uniformly recognized today, in order to define the start and progress of the pubertal changes. Girls and boys are rated on the 5-point scale wherein the boys will be rated for the genital development as well as the growth of pubic hair while the girls will be rated for breast development as well as pubic hair growth.

The growth of pubic hair in girls is staged as follows:

Stage 1 or Preadolescent – vellos hair is developed above the pubes and there’s no sexual hair present.

Stage 2 – there is sparse, pigmented, long and downy hair that can be either slightly curled or straight. The strands of hair are mostly seen along the labia.

Stage 3 – considerably darker, curlier and coarser sexual hairs are present and are now sparsely spread through the junction of pubes.

Stage 4 – the distribution of hair is of the adult kind but it decreased in the overall quantity. There’s no spread to medial surface of thighs.

Stage 5 – hair is adult when it comes to type and quantity and it appears to have that inverse triangle of the feminine form.

Meanwhile, the stages of male pubic hair development are as follows:

Stage 1 – vellos hair are present above the pubes.

Stage 2 – there’s sparse development of lengthy, pigmented downy hair that is slightly curled or straight. The hair can be seen mostly within the base of your penis.

Stage 3 – the hair has become considerably coarser, darker and curlier and the distribution is now all over the pubes junction.

Stage 4 – the distribution of hair is now of the adult type but is less than that of adults.

Stage 5 – the distribution is adult type when it comes to quantity and it forms an inverse triangle.

Tanner Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Tanner Stages for Breast Development

Stage 1 – the papilla has been elevated above the chest wall

Stage 2 – the elevation of the papillae and breasts might take planner whilst the small mounds alongside with some increased diameter of areolae

Stage 3 – the areolae and breasts grow bigger

Stage 4 – the papillae elevate over the level of the breasts then form secondary mounds

Stage 5 – mature female breasts were developed

The Phases of Male Genitalia Development:

Stage 1 – the testes, the scrotal sac as well as the penis have the size and proportion that is the same with what was seen in the early childhood stage

Stage 2 – there’s the enlargement of testes and scrotum and a change in the scrotal skin’s texture

Stage 3 – there’s a further growth in the penis in terms of its length and with a slight increase in the circumference. There’s also increased growth in the scrotum and testes.

Stage 4 – the penis was slightly enlarged in both circumference and length with further growth of the glans penis.

Stage 5 – the genitalia is the same with adult form with regard to its shape and size

Tanner Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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