Stop Smoking Weed For A Month Benefits Of Not Smoking Weed!

Stop Smoking Weed For A Month Benefits Of Not Smoking Weed! We are going to go over all the side affects of smoking weed and why you need to quit smoking weed asap. All I ask is one this for you to stop smoking weed for a month or even a week and if you don’t experience the benefits, go ahead keep at it. I will go through the benefits of stopping weed and also why you should not smoke. Alright lets get started!

This is why you should stop smoking weed if you do this it will help with the following:

  • 1.Breathing more deeply and clean
  • 2. No more coughing up tar
  • 3. Increase levels of oxygen MORE ENERGY.
  • 4. Increase in short term memory if you stop smoking.
  • 5. More free time after you quit smoking weed.
  • 6 Improved diet without the munchies!! In turn your self esteem will go up because your body will look better.
  • 7. No more fumbling your words.
  • 8. Increase in confidence when you stop smoking weed.
  • 9. Increase in life results, A none stoner is going to go much further in life generally.
  • 10. Enjoying life’s simple pleasures. When you are always high you are missing out on the little natural “highs” in life
  • 11.Everything tastes better. When you smoke weed your tastes buds are dulled.

12. Deeper relationships with everyone, It will be easier for you to talk to strangers when your not a weed smoker.

All you smoking weed right now all we ask is that you try one week without weed, 2 weeks or even 1 month to see if anything any positive results.

I hope you enjoyed guys, I have more benefits for quitting weed as well so don’t be afraid to contact us if your still wondering. Thanks for reading try stopping weed for a while and see how it works!

Here I went over Stop Smoking Weed For A Month Benefits Of Not Smoking!

If your having trouble quitting watch the video below.



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