How to Run Faster and Longer?

How to Run Faster and Longer?

Running faster includes several factors like speed and ability of the person. To build the stamina and increase your speed as a runner, first the person has to take care of his body. Regular exercise and proper diet makes the person to run faster and longer. Running shoes naturally plays an important role in running. Proper shoes help the person to reach the desired point easily and quickly.

Steps to be followed to run faster and longer

  • Choose the proper time for running


Proper time must be made for running. Some people feel comfortable in running early morning, where some people may not be comfortable in running with empty stomach. So the person has to choose the time, that fits for his body and the speed and distance must be increased gradually.


  • Create a music playlist

How to Run Faster and Longer?

A playlist must be prepared with different type of music and it helps to know when to increase the speed and when to jog. Jogging helps to increase, the speed over time. Hard rock songs help to increase the speed very easily.


  • Wear comfortable clothing


By wearing proper running outfit makes you to feel more energetic and speedy. Some prefer bulky feel of sweatshirt that makes them sweat out, others prefer lightweight fabric that makes them more comfortable.


  • Select the proper shoes


Running shoes is very important and the shoes must be selected with correct fits that are made with length and width of your foot, made specifically for running.  By wearing improper shoes your foot may be injured, so make sure you wear proper shoes. The shoe must be with proper cushioning and flexibility.


  • Warm up and stretch


By jogging half a mile before stretching, makes you to warm up your joints and muscles before you stretch them. Dynamic stretches can also be performed which avoids injury.


  • Time yourself to achieve your target


Stop watch can be used to log yourself for various mileages in order to track your progress.


  • Increase the speed gradually


Until you feel comfortable with running, going too much miles makes you to feel stressed and tired. So by gradually increasing the speed makes you to run easily.


Hope the above points help you out in making you run faster and longer. Proper breathing techniques, proper diet and drinking plenty of water make you to be hydrated and by in taking protein foods, makes you to run faster.


How to Run Faster and Longer?



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