Risk Factors Involved With Smoking STOP Smoking Cigarettes NOW!

Risk Factors Involved With Smoking Why You Should Quit Smoking Cigarettes NOW!

What are the risk factors involved and why you should quit smoking?

Before making the final decision of whether or not to quit smoking, you need to know some facts about quitting smoke. Did you know that smoking increases the rate of mortality by 40% for those who smokes about 10 cigarettes and for those who smokes maximum of 20 cigarettes, the mortality rate is 70% and for those who smokes up to a maximum of 40 cigarettes is 90%?

What is the risk factor?

For an individual smoker who happens to smoke daily, the risk of getting affected by any kind of disease from smoking is directly proportional to the time, and the amount of cigarette one consumes. But, always remember the fact that if someone stops smoking successfully, then their risk factor of getting affected gradually decreases to a very low rate.

Get to know the benefits of not smoking

There are numerous benefits of not smoking. It is not possible to enumerate each and every one of them. However, among the very common are, it improves the heart rate and also takes care of the blood pressure. The risk of having a stroke or a heart attack is much lower than those who smoke.

Age is also a factor

Younger people are more prone to heart attacks and other health related issues than older people. Statistics say that the people who are under 40 have a risk of heart attack if they are smokers.

Among other problems

The problem is much prominent among men. It has been seen that smokers had much less sperm count than smokers. They even had several problems concerning erectile dysfunction. Among women, tobacco smoking can lead to miscarriages and many other issues related to the fetus. Thus, from the above-discussed points, you can easily understand the relation between the mortality rate and the rate at which people are smoking.

Not only you but also others

Well, it is true that once you start smoking, you start affecting your own health and also start affecting those people’s health who are near to you, or rather stays near to you. A recent study has shown that passive smoking is much more harmful than normal smoking.


The name alone should make you stop from taking a puff. Various forms of cancer ca be caused by smoking. Particularly neck, breast, stomach and pancreas cancer. Other than this, there are various other forms of cancer, but these are the prominent ones which are caused due to smoking.

Thus, each and everything mentioned in this article urges you to quit smoking!

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