Why Do You Play Video Games

If you play video games I wouldn't be surprised. because most people do but why do you play video games what makes you pick up that controller and want to play for hours and by the time you turn off the console the day is over.the truth is I know how it feels I was just like that I played video games for 8 hours a day now I can not imagine sitting down that long. Now you most likely don't play as much as I did. it was little over board to be but at the time it was normal for me I come home made pizza rolls and play Call Of Duty hours on end. But one day I had come to the conclusion why did I play why would I be willing to give up exploring outside with all my friends to be inside playing a game that would not change the real world on bit well this is what I came up with and I think you can agree deep inside.

  • There is No Risk

Now what I mean by this is there is no risk is when you playing video games there is nothing to lose(innless you gamble online) but if you die you respwan if you to weak just rank up. unlike the real world were you to weak it will take time to get stronger and if you die well you die! there is no challenge in the real world you invest all you focus more then likely you will get another try there is no real worry of losing(Inless you a Tryhard like I was)but in all seriousness if you lose there is another shot no imbursement ETC.in real life it would be now or never

  • Sense Of Accomplishment

Remember when you got that new camo on your gun or a new item from ranking up! it was awesome I felt like a boss and now I was a cool kid right? Wrong, infact video games make you feel productive much like TV but really your just being a blob bro. there is no gain in real life or accomplishment truth is your high score will be broken and no one will care in 2 minutes.

  • Its Cool Right?

Is it not cool to play video game today actual people think its pretty cool infact 30 year olds even play video games and I'm sure your friends do so I can understand how you feel left out and all alone not playing the hottest coolest game which you buy for 60$ and is Garbage. Then You realize its a waste. if its so normal to play video games do you really wanna be normal?

  • Clingy

Now this is what happened to me I played as a kid which was fine right but I got good and when people asked me what are you good at I was like " Dude Call Of Duty Search & Destroy" and they were like sweet or like " I meant Sports" and then I told them about mlg and so on.... but the point is I was good at it and it was all I was good at I devolved no new skills so I just did what I was good at no risk of failing or sucking and this is were we see a pattern of why I played video games. so I was trapped doing video games or so I thought

Wanna Quit?

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