questions to ask your best friend

Bond with ‘bestie’ with questions to ask your best friend

Everyone has a best friend. There are many questions to ask your best friend. This is that person who will always have an honest opinion about you. You can always borrow amazing dresses from this person as if it is your own.

Your best friend is family to you

Your best friend is that person who will always know when you are feeling bored or stressed and will thus send you pictures of your favorite adorable animal thus cheering you up. Your best friend is one of the most important members of your life, that person whom you choose to make your extended family. Thus it is only fair that you always try and give in an effort to get to know her in an even better way than you already do.

Never lose her from your life

However today, in this busy world, the concept of friends has become all the more narrow, let alone best friends. Your life is always hectic, filled with your jobs, your spouse, and your pets. Hence it is very difficult to keep in touch with your friends. However, that doesn’t give you an excuse for your fading relationship with your friend. You should always put in an effort when it comes to your best friend and never let your relationship fade with this person.

There are lots of ways through which you can strengthen your relationship with your best friend that does not include taking trips to distant lands. For example, make a list of questions to ask your best friend regarding herself and her life and put it into the application when you meet him or her. This will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship with your best friend.

Take an interest in her life, ask her questions

Talk to her/him about every topic under the sun asking her questions about her love life to things that he or she might wish to accomplish in their life to even imaginary questions as to what they would wish to be in an alternate world. These are the small questions that actually matters a lot and will even help you to strengthen the very foundation of your relation. It will get you engaged in that conversation with your best friend that is the perfect mix of craziness with a hint of deep and wonderful introspects.

You can always start a conversation with your best friend asking him or her about her ambition in life, ladies she considers as her hero and also takes an interest in her current favorite author and before you know it you people are once again triggering that little spark in your relationship that had been lost with time.

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