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Puberty survey throws light on impact of puberty on teenagers

There have been puberty survey and researches going on which puts forward the question as to whether the impact of puberty on teenagers has lost its strength and is its effect a bit of an overstatement? Puberty is a phase that has a different hitting rate when it comes to teenagers thus having more impact on some while less influence on other teenagers. But when seen as a whole, puberty survey shows that the overall effect of puberty on teenagers has definitely become less dramatic.

What do you basically mean by puberty?

Before this particular topic is explored further, it is vital that you know what puberty is. Puberty is a certain change biologically that takes place in children resulting in changes in the body as well as having a huge impact on their emotions. Puberty hits these teenagers and brings about a maturation in their thinking and their development of morality and these teenagers start having a different view about themselves as well as about those people they meet from day-to-day and are in contact with regularly.

At what age puberty hits?

It has been seen through the puberty survey that it is hitting teenagers at a much earlier age than before. In girls, puberty has begun to hit when they are between 8 to 13 years of age and in the case of boys, puberty hits when their age ranges from 9 to 14. If this puberty hits teens before the mentioned age, then it is termed as a precocious development. If a 13-year-old girl and a 14-year boy have not yet been hit by puberty, then it is said to be delayed.

Change in girls during puberty

When it comes to girls, the first sign of puberty is marked through the budding breast at an average age of 10 and then finally an enlargement of their breast at a much later stage. There is also the growth of pubic hair and the growth of hair in your armpit. When a girl is around 12 years old, she starts menstruating or her period begins.

The beginning of period takes place early in some girls. Also due to a growth spurt girls start growing in height, thus resulting in adult height. Girls can also make a note of gaining weight and a widening in their pelvic area. This entire process of puberty takes around 3 to 4 years to complete in a girl.

This phase of puberty starts at a later phase in case of boys and usually takes place when they are 11 years old.

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