Puberty Mood Swings

Puberty Mood Swings

Every kid goes through a phase in their life where their bodies start to change and mind also goes through a significant alteration. As for boys, their body hair will start growing or their voice will deepen and as for girls, they start their periods and breast development. Rapid but unpredictable changes of the body makes you feel more conscious. You start growing up and may feel like a kid trapped in a grown up body. Such is how the adolescence age is.

Emotional Changes

Everyone has their own unique speed of travelling through puberty. If you are a boy and end up having a kid like voice when your friends have a matured voice already, it can be stressful. When you are a girl and your breasts have not started growing like your friends, it is normal to feel like you’re not maturing fast enough. You will experience being more conscious about yourself and overthink if you are doing it in the right way. In this time, you become eager to know about your identity. You want to know where in the society you belong, as the world of adults seems like an interesting place. Sexual attractions start growing and you will feel attracted towards boys or girls as the hormonal changes in this stage are prominent.

Attraction toward new activities

Puberty mood swings will push you toward other activities that you weren’t so interested about earlier. Something that you absolutely loved to do when you were a child but in the adolescence age you may end up not liking anymore, like painting or dancing. You may seem interested about what your other friends are doing and try to join the majority as the peer pressure is always there. You will feel attracted sexually towards other or same gender as you will see changes in your body as well. Your sexual organs and voice will change towards maturity. You will start thinking about yourself more and that is likely to give you an independent nature, in which you will be more rebellious trying to be unique and impress others with various activities.

How to Cope Up

You just need to keep in mind that this is normal and it happens to each one of us. It is perfectly normal to have puberty mood swings and be irrational and a bit unique at times. You just have to wait and time will take you towards maturity. Different people take different times to reach and get out of puberty so it’s important that you wait patiently and give it time.


Puberty Mood Swings

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