Puberty Meaning, Meaning Of The Word Puberty

 puberty meaning

Puberty meaning – An understanding

There are many who could be interested to get to know puberty meaning. Puberty can be defined as a development period in human beings during which there is occurrence of sexual maturity and physical growth.

Puberty meaning: Description

Puberty is a termed that means ‘Pubertas’ in the Latin language, meaning adulthood. Some hormonal changes are the reason for initiating puberty that gets triggered by hypothalamus, a portion of the brain, stimulating the pituitary gland. This in turns begins to have the other glands activated as well. Such changes start taking place for around a year, before visible results are noticed. In children among both sexes, both female hormone estrogen and male reproductive testosterone hormone exist. But during puberty, their balance tends to change. Boys are noticed to produce more testosterone, while girls produce more of estrogen.

Generally, girls experience puberty stage at the age of 8 or so, while boys on an average develop at 10+. Hormonal changes are signaled by the hypothalamus to stimulate the pituitary, which in turn begins to release gonadotrophins, its own hormone, thereby stimulating the adrenals and the gonads. A huge amount of sex hormones come from these glands – in male testosterone and androgen and in female progestin and estrogen. This regulates the function and development of the different sex organs in the body. For females and males, the gonadotrophins are quite the same, however, the induced sex hormones are different.

 puberty meaning

Time of puberty development

For both girls and boys, experiencing puberty is something unusual and new, something which does not take place overnight. Rather,  it can be termed to be a process occurring in different ages and stages for different people. It may  happen that one person may have already began to experience development of puberty, while his friend of similar age has not. Hence, the time at which puberty starts to develop probably may vary immensely between individuals. There are several factors that are stated to affect timing of onset of puberty like body mass, genetic factors, general health and nutritional state.

Parental concerns

Parents are suggested by majority of the health experts to begin casual, short discussions with their children with regards to the body changes which occurs during puberty stage by age of 7 or 8. You may also offer your child with materials that imparts information about puberty without having to face the awkwardness of having to discuss the topics in person.  puberty meaning

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