precocious puberty in boys

precocious puberty in boys

Understanding all about precocious puberty in boys

What is puberty?

Puberty takes place when children grow emotionally and physically into young women and men. Generally, this begins during adolescence. In girls, the age is no earlier than 7 – 8, with the average being 10 and for boys being 9 years, with 11 being the average age.

But if the child is a young one, for instance a girl of 5 years old, starting to develop puberty signs? How is she affected by it?

Precocious puberty

Often precocious puberty is termed to be a benign central procedure seen in girls. However, precocious puberty in boys is rarely idiopathic. The early puberty signs noticed in boys can be a specific cause for health concern. The starting of breast development is termed as Thelarche, while the initial appearance of the public hair is called Pubarche. The early appearance of such characteristics is considered to be much more common when compared to true precocious puberty.

Its signs in girls

The telltale signs noticed in girls before the age of 7 to 8 tend to include the below mentioned:

Development of the breast

Underarm or public hair growth

Quick spurt in growth of height

Beginning of menstruation

Body odor being ‘mature’


Signs of precocious puberty in boys

Its signs in boys before age of 9 years include the following:


deepening of the voice

enlargement of penis or testicles

facial, underarm or public hair development

quick height development – a growth ‘spurt’

body odor being ‘mature’

There are many children who may show few of the early puberty signs in them may probably face something that is termed ‘partial’ precocious puberty. Few girls, beginning usually within 6 months to 3 years of age might show development breasts, which disappears later or probably could last for some time without the other puberty related physical changes being displayed.

Again, few boys and girls may exhibit early development of underarm and/or public hair, which actually might not be related to the other sexual development changes.

It becomes necessary for children experiencing ‘partial’ precocious puberty to visit a good and qualified physician, who after diagnosing thoroughly can rule out various health problems or ‘true’ precocious puberty. However, majority of them would not require any kind of treatment and would usually show the other anticipated puberty signs at the regular age.

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