Levels Of Christian Maturity

Understanding the 4 levels of Christian maturity

The number of Christian population has increased than before along with churches and conversions. It has been cited that the present society is more driven towards affording leisure activities when compared to achieving a purpose. Although people in huge numbers have been attending churches, the latter seems to have less impact on the people’s moral fiber, especially at the workplace. Such findings do shock the religious leaders, while underscoring the growing need for channeling new religious interests.

A spiritual progress pattern is noticed among individuals and there are four distinct stages that are to be known so that one can successfully walk through every stage successfully.

Brief explanation of the different levels of Christian maturity

Evangelism Stage: The initial step in all pilgrimage. Christ is met personally and lives changed, with occurrence of a new birth. The disciples were called upon from their work to follow Jesus.

Equipping Stage: It is during this time when the believer goes through Bible studies, personal Bible study and local church attendance gets discipled. It is at this stage that the disciples get to know God’s way and Knowledge of God. But the issue with this stage is that there are many who may not advance beyond it. Wisdom was learned by Hebrews through obedience, while Greeks learnt through analysis and reason. The Greek influence is known to have led to much more programmatic influence in the church, seen largely today. It is the reason why most Christians do not make it to next stage.

Empowering Stage: The most difficult one, where getting into this stage is almost impossible. This stage is rather the decision point for Christians. They are compelled to go outside their own strength, to rely upon Christ like never before. It is due to some personal crisis that many may enter this stage, like a marriage crisis, business failure, death of the beloved one, or any event that may bring an ‘end to oneself’. This stage is regarded to be a missing ingredient for majority of the Christians in today’s marketplace.

Engagement Stage: The last stage when faith converts into works. Those having gone through the above 3 stages successfully get motivated to impact the world with genuine love for God and not guilt. Today’s culture encourages Engagement Stage without having to pass through Empowering Stage.

So knowing the different levels of Christian maturity can help the individual to be free and enjoying seeing spiritual fruit.

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