Is masturbation bad for you?

Is masturbation bad for you?

What is masturbation?

Masturbation is the stimulation of the genitals which is done by one on its own. It is done to achieve the sexual pleasure and it is till the time of the orgasm only. Usually masturbation is done using the stroking, touching and massaging the organ till the orgasm is archived. Women stimulate the vagina so that they can use the sex toys like the vibrator. In earlier time masturbation has been regarded as the sign of mental problem but in current times it is considered to be normal. It is the healthy activity related to sex which is able to give the pleasure and it is acceptable.

The method of masturbation is completely safe and fulfilling. It is the best way to ensure the sexual pleasure and it can also be done throughout the life. Masturbation can be considered to be the problem when it inhibits the partner sexual activity. If it is done in public then it can cause distress for the person and it can cause distress if the masturbation is done which interfere the daily activities and life. The medical community considers the masturbation as the natural process which does not cause any kind of harm.

Limited masturbation is safe

It is the activity which is the expression of sexuality for men and women both. The masturbation is the activity which does not have any physical injury and it does not harm the body in any form. It can be done in moderation and can also be performed for entire life. It is the normal sexual behavior which can be performed by men and women. There are some of the cultures which oppose the masturbation and consider it to be sinful but some of them does not have nay problem with that. Some people feel guilty and shameful for doing masturbation.

As per the experts, masturbation cannot be considered to be activity which can harm as it gives the improvement in the sexual health and also in relationships. With the help of masturbation one can explore the body and can also determine which the pleasing thing is for you and this can be then shared with the partner. Some partners use mutual masturbation for having a more satisfying relationship and also to add the intimacy. Only care s to be taken that masturbation should not be done roughly. The rough masturbation can cause you harm like skin irritation. There are also chances of penile fracture.

Is masturbation bad for you?


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