I’m 15 and haven’t hit puberty yet? How to hit puberty faster?

I’m 15 and haven’t hit puberty yet? How to hit puberty faster? So your 15 years old and have not hit puberty yet? How do you know what tanner stage your in?

All these questions I understand because I am a late bloomer too! I know what it’s like to be behind of all your peers and classmates in puberty, Its not fun especially for a guy. Everyone is stronger than you taller than you has a deeper voice than you ect. It’s also tough with sports such as football, basketball and even soccer, all your peers probably have longer legs so they can run faster, they can hit harder. But seriously if you are 15 and haven’t hit puberty you don’t have that much to worry about I would give it another year, 16 or 17 and not even seeing the slightest signs is ¬†when you might want to question doctors parents ect. Although there are a lot of late bloomers a lot of kids negate the little signs of puberty such as pubic hair ect. Give it till your 16 to 17 if you still haven’t hit puberty maybe try to go and seek help. I know it’s tough that you have to pretty much work harder than everyone else when it comes to sports but trust me those early bloomers might stop growing early and you will probably catch up! I’m 15 and havent hit puberty yet is the email we got yesterday.


I hoped this little post helped, thanks for reading!

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