im 15 and I haven’t hit puberty

Worried about im 15 and I haven’t hit puberty?

What is puberty?

Puberty is a stage of life when a guy or a girl attains sexual maturity. The process brings in physical as well as mental change in both boys and girls. Generally, girls hit puberty within the age of 10 to 14 and for boys, it is 12 to 16. You can say that it is a transition stage between a child and an adult. After puberty, an adult can perform process like reproduction. There are different hormones which plays a vital role for the onset of puberty.

What are the signs of puberty?

im 15 and I haven’t hit puberty?

The following points are the most common signs of puberty.

For girls, the first sign is breast enlargement.

For boys and girls, there is a growth of hair in the public areas and armpits.

Boys develop hair on the face.

For girls, menstruation cycle happens on the last stage of puberty.

In boys, the testis and penis grows bigger.

There is a sudden growth of muscles, change of voice in guys.


“I’m 15 and I haven’t hit puberty.”

Are you worrying about “im 15 and I havent hit puberty”? Do your friends make fun of you? Don’t be sad; there are many cases where guys and girls have hit their puberty after 17. It is just a matter of time. Yes, it is really embarrassing when the kids make fun of you. But, as already said, this is purely a hormonal phenomenon, which will differ from person to person. So, may be you are a ‘late bloomer’. There are chances, when you will hit puberty, you will be better than your friends.

There are many kids who take some wrong steps because they did not hit puberty on time. Some common mistake is hormonal pills or some other drugs. These things are absolutely wrong, and you should not take any pill or drug without the consult of a doctor. If you are really worried about this, then you can talk to your parents and consult an endocrinologist or your family doctor. Delayed onset of puberty is not a disorder. Whereas taking hormonal pill or any kind of drug can jeopardise many of your sex organ for ever.

What are the possible reasons for the delayed onset of puberty?

In some family, all the members have delayed puberty, which doesn’t require any treatment. Medical problem like kidney disease, diabetes, asthma can cause this problem. Delayed puberty can happen due to problem in pituitary or thyroid gland.

So you should stop worrying about “im 15 and I haven’t hit puberty.”

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