How to stop watching pornography

How to stop watching pornography easy ways to stop.
Did you know that a lot of money is spent on watching Pornographic movies? Pornography is watched not only by adults but also by the teenage generation. It not only affects your mental health, but also performance in school, your relationships at home and your job in your office.


Pornography is a sort of addiction that needs to be curtailed for your own well being. It is not good for health and affects people mentally and psychologically as well. Here are some ways in which you can stop watching pornography abnd quit it for good.



First, find out the reason


The first move is to find out the reason of why you are so addicted to pornography. Question yourself on the same and find answers on how to stop watching pornography. Is there something that is bothering you? Do you feel that there is a specific time when you are instigated to watch pornography?


List the reasons and causes and how you can overcome the same. Concentrate on something else for the time being, and you would slowly feel that you can get rid of this addiction- It’s never too late to say goodbye to Pornography.

Try and divert your attention to something else,
Read more story books that you find interesting or play your favorite indoor game with your family. You can also go for a walk, go out and take a breath of fresh air, or rejuvenate your mind with some Yoga and meditation.


Pornography is an addiction that needs to be removed- the sooner the better. You can also learn How to stop watching pornography by reading some good guide books on the same. Slow down at the beginning and you would slowly find ways to reduce after all.
Create some action oriented goals


If you find that you cannot put a stop to watching pornography, then the next thing is to think of something else. Create some goals for yourself. Learn to surround yourself with people so that your attention is diverted. Go out for some funny movie, go out and freak out with your friends and play a game of football. Games help you to divert your attention and you would slowly realize how to stop watching pornography.
Try out these ways and you would surely say goodbye to pornography, even before you know it.

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