How to speed up puberty

how to speed up puberty

How to speed up puberty: Some essential nutrients that can be of great help

As the child passes through puberty‘s sensitive phase, he/he is to consume plenty of nutritious food for maintaining optimum health. As a matter of fact, puberty is regarded to be the stage where teen’s body is prepared for sexual transformation. When how to speed up puberty is concerned, consuming vital nutrients can be of great help to the young one to face the hormonal changes and cope with it.

Some crucial nutrients which the teen is to intake during puberty:


It serves as a crucial nutrient for girls during puberty. Menstruation cycle onset is experienced by teen girls during puberty, while there is occurrence of blood loss. For replacing loss of blood during periods, iron-rich foods are to be consumed.

Food that contains iron in high levels is fish, whole grain, lean beef and beans. Nutrition food having irons present in them do assist in speedy development.

High calorie food is better avoided by girls during puberty, since it may make them obese, while increasing delayed puberty risks.


During puberty, young girls tend to lack in calcium. For overcoming deficiency problems in the future like osteoporosis, sufficient amount of calcium rich foods are to be consumed.

Food list is to comprise low fat milk or curd, green leafy vegetables and yogurt.


Fats in proper amounts are to be maintained by young boys and girl s during puberty.

Unsaturated fats occurring naturally in different food sources such has olive oil, nuts and salmon are the best foods to be consumed during this time.

Foods should comprise fats in correct amounts for helping the development processes, while supplying the body with maximum energy.

Fat depots may occur due to puberty hormones in the body of the teen in different areas such as the hips, thighs and breasts. During puberty, it is a normal occurrence to gain healthy weight. Unhealthy weight loss techniques are better avoided. Nutritional deficiency could lead towards Anorexia and Bulimia. The teen is required to take plenty of nutritious food, while avoiding consumption of excess calories. 


A crucial nutrient required by the body to grow.

Protein assists in developing the body tissues, muscles as well as initiates overall development. The body is made fit and active for undertaking regular activities such as sports, etc.

Poultry products, meat and fish are the best protein sources.

Knowing how to speed up puberty with nutrients can help with body growth during puberty safely and naturally.

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