How To Quit Or Stop Watching Pornography

How To Quit Or Stop Watching Pornography

What’s up guys today I’m going to be going over how to quit or stop watching pornography stop quit watching pornography. so how to quit or stop watching pornography, you want to be able to ask yourself why you’re doing it first.

That’s I think that’s a first step that I’ve been learning is just ask yourself why you’re doing this.

what’s the reason you want to watch porn is it because you’re depressed is it because you’re empty because you’re too busy?

Just ask yourself what why do I want to watch porn, first. I think that’s the key. the first very first step, obviously is just admit that you have a problem with it. which if you typed in how to quit  pornography or how to stop watching pornography or whatever you typed in then you know you’re definitely on the right path. and that’s the first step so congratulations!

the first step is that you’re even reading this article. Alright that’s the very first step is realizing you have a problem and the next step is  probably get a porn blocker.  Make sure you do  get a porn blocker I  think that’s the second step.  But yet realize why you doing it why do you want to watch pornography ?

And  if you ask yourself that then you can be like I’m gonna be more thankful to make myself overall more happy instead of going to pornography when I’m depressed or lonely or empty with my life you know? So I think its that simple  I think it’s that simple just ask yourself why and then eliminate all the bad things. And then just try to combat it was good stuff so instead of watching pornography you can do you can try being thankful, you can try journaling, you can try like other things you can try like frisbee, or football. Or whatever you want to play so yeah I think that’s the key guises just asking yourself why and getting down to the root of why you want to watch for porn,  Don’t hide that you have  to quit pornography and how to stop watching pornography and things like that.

How To Quit Or Stop Watching Pornography

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