how to quit masturbation

how to quit masturbation easy.

What’s up guys, today I’m going to be going over how to quit masturbation so to quit masturbation what you want to do is the first step you need to realize that you have a problem. OK that is the first step the second step is getting an accountability partner. So getting accountability partner is crucial in quitting masturbation because you need to stay accountable to somebody preferably somebody your own age or close to it. That is the second step to quitting masturbation the third step is staying busy you want to make sure you are staying active. And also you want to make sure you are staying  staying busy as well because that is going to keep you away from the thought of even masturbation. So pretty much if you guys want to stay away from it you need to get some hobbies to stay away so for example I play frisbee and playing all of  that will help.

how to quit masturbation for good.

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