How Do You Know When You Hit Puberty

How Do You Know When You Hit Puberty

The stage of puberty can be among the most exciting as well as the most confusing period in the life of a girl or a boy. During this period, there will be different changes in the body features that will take place and these changes make a young girl or boy look like an adult person. At this stage, a boy will grow taller while he will develop more body hair and body odor. Their sexual organs will also be developed including their sexual feelings.

Puberty can cause many different emotional and physical changes for every girl or boy. Although puberty in boys starts between the ages of 9 and 14, and that the changes follow a specific pattern, the case is different from one child to another. This stage usually ends between the ages of 16 and 18, the period when someone can already say that he or she is already an adult.

Well, the most effective way in determining the time puberty takes place into your life is to take note of all those physical changes that you see and notice in your body. All of these changes are completely referred to as the sexual maturity rating or the so called Tanner stages. It was named after the doctor who detailed the order wherein the changes usually take place. The sequence of such changes might be different yet they would eventually occur.

How Do You Know When You Hit Puberty for girls

For the girls, puberty typically starts between the ages of 8 and 13. Usually, the initial sign is the development of the breasts. It will be followed by the development of pubic hair and hair on your armpit. Once these changes take place, girls will have their monthly menstrual period and regular ovulation cycles take place soon. Though it is the typical order of those signs of puberty takes place, there are girls who develop pubic hair before their breasts start to grow.

For the boys, the stage of puberty normally starts between the ages of 9 and 14. There is an increase in the size of the testes and this is normally the initial sign that you will notice in your body. This particular stage lasts for around 6 months and it will be followed by a sudden increase in the size of the penis.

There will be hair in the genitals and armpit that will start to grow little by little. The voice will then deepen and the muscles will grow larger. The development of the facial hair is normally the final visible symptom of puberty. The sperm production takes place near the beginning of the stage of puberty.

All of these things will inform you if you are already a teenager. So if you enter the age wherein puberty normally takes place, watch out for any changes that will be apparent in your body. At this stage, you should be more careful with your everyday routine. You need to pay more attention to yourself especially to your hygiene. Be ready for the changes that you will experience and enjoy your life as a teenager.

How Do You Know When You Hit Puberty

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