How do you know when puberty is over?

How do you know when puberty is over?

Everyone starts their adolescence age sooner or later and this is the time your body grows up and gets maturity. Puberty has its own mind, so it might be late and you might end up wondering why you are not growing up as fast as the other kids. You never know exactly when your puberty will be over. It actually differs from person to person. Girls reach puberty faster than boys though. Every child has their own pace during puberty. One can start growing faster than other people but he may not be the tallest person of the class at the end.

Early stages of Puberty

Puberty is caused by the sexual hormones being released. Testosterone in case of boys and Estrogen in case of girls are the factors to change the body. The time of these hormones being release is completely natural and one cannot really speed up the process. In the first stages of puberty the boys notice changes in size of their testicles and penis. Girls start to have periods and changes in body shape occur. Boys get a deeper voice than girls normally.

How do you know when puberty is over?

Change of Emotions and Mood Swings

Emotional changes in a kid are also noticeable as the change in body affects the mind too. The frequently asked question being ‘How do you know when the puberty is over?’, there is no specific answer to this question. Visible changes in the mood of the kid and change in their daily activities can also be noticed. Kids start taking things more seriously as they look at the world in a different perspective trying to cope with the changes of their body. They look at the friends and try to be as normal as possible and end up having a rebellious attitude towards things. The rebel inside tells them to become unique and tries to find their own place in the big bad world.

When Puberty Ends?

Puberty ends when your body has gone through all the changes you need to have in your body. Voice of the boys deepen much more and more significant change in sexual aspects can be noticed. They grow an attraction towards other people sexually. The time, however cannot be specified always. Boys reach puberty at the age of 10 to 14, average being 12, whereas girls tend to reach puberty at the age of 11 in general. Late or not everyone ends their puberty at the age of 14 to 18. One can be late but s/he doesn’t need to worry a bit about it as everyone reaches that eventually.

How do you know when puberty is over?

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