How to Grow in Faith as Christian?

How to Grow in Faith as Christian?

Everyone in the world can grow their relationship with the God. When we accept Jesus Christ as our god the bible says we can receive the supernatural power from the Holy Spirit. Being a Christian is not about doing the right things. It is about an essential and personal relationship with god. Jesus also mentioned in bible that when we accept him as lord savior, he will be faithful to react and enter into relationship with us.

Some factors which increase the faith in Christian

  • Love


This is the main factor on which the person has to love the god with full heart, soul and mind with full strength and love their neighbors as ourselves, which means the world belong to Jesus. When we love the god, naturally we can love others. Jesus teaches us to love others through actions.


  • Joy


One must know the right way of joy. Joy doesn’t depend on money, job or relationships. The joy is within the god, finding the negatives and redirects the thoughts to Jesus and assure of heaven. This is the right way of finding the joy.


  • Peace


Peace is very difficult to classify. Peace comes from the god; when you focus on the god you automatically have piece in your life. Jesus spoke these words before thousands of years ago and it has still remained for us today.


  • Patience


In this fast world many people have impatience in their life. By erasing the negative emotions and by increasing the positive approach in you and you can be more patient in your life. These things happen only you have trust in the god.


  • Kindness


Kindness is about more than being friendly. It’s a deliberate act that requires effort and valid concern. These things can help you to become a kinder person. By complimenting others and talking to strangers you can note how it impacts you and others. When you dedicate your life to the Jesus, makes you to become kinder person.


  • Goodness


Jesus insists us to love each and everyone including enemies. God make us to do right things for the right reasons. By having pure and true thoughts in you, makes you to feel goodness in you.


  • Faithfulness


The most important thing in one’s life is faithfulness. Bible also insists one person should have faith in god then he automatically trust others.


A life with faith will enable you to trust god progressively more with every detail of your life. Thus, the above things will be useful to know how to increase the faith in Christian.

How to Grow in Faith as Christian?

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