feeling lonely in a relationship

 feeling lonely in a relationship

6 effective ways to banish loneliness

Loneliness is considered to be a part of living that is quite natural and at some point of time, every one of us may experience feeling lonely in a relationship.

Reasons for loneliness to set in

Loneliness may be felt keenly, if the person has been separated by divorce, death or distance from the beloved one. For others, it might occur when emotional distance is felt from the partner or spouse. Loneliness can be caused due to isolation feeling, general social awkwardness, lack of connectedness with others, loss of job, rejection in relationship, etc.

Loneliness could prove to be healthy sometimes, allowing the person to look within, to reflect where he is currently in life, to have issues and disputes resolved and invest quality time to know more about self. But if loneliness gets prolonged, it may lead towards experiencing chronic sadness, suicidal thoughts and loss of hope.

Feeling lonely in a relationship: Learning to cope with it effectively

Focusing on happiness: It is in your hands that your happiness level rests. You can take proactive action if feeling unhappy for rectifying the situation. You are to participate in enjoyable, positive, activities. Spend quality time with family and friends. Avoid negative influence and discussions, places and people. It is you controlling personal happiness level.

Differentiating between loneliness and solitude: Being lonely and being alone definitely has some difference. There are many who are in a relationship or married, but have that ‘loneliness’  feeling, even when they are near to their beloved one. Being alone does not necessarily mean being lonely. People in huge numbers who are alone are found to be more emotionally balanced and spend good time when alone by reflecting, reading, exercising and meditating. Once the cause of feelings is identified, it is possible to work proactively to have the issues resolved effectively. In case, of difficulty, it would be better to hire a therapist or counselor.

Developing attitude of gratitude: You should be thankful for all the things possessed and those good people around you. Focusing on gratitude is a must by spending some moments every day.

Serving others: It is indeed the most effective way of all the tips given to banish loneliness. You can volunteer with some NGO organizations and causes, which you have interest in. Supporting and helping others can help you to have that connectedness and useful feeling.

Irrespective of the fact that your loneliness feeling is a longstanding or a new one, you do have power within you to eliminate them from your life.

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