What to Do When a Depressed Person Pushes You Away?

What to Do When a Depressed Person Pushes You Away?


When someone is depressed, then it causes them to feel angry, annoyed, and irritable. They can be irritable most of the time, throughout the day. That is why they tend to act very aggressively. They can hurt you with their words or actions. However, they don’t do it intentionally. They do not realize that they are hurting other people because of their poor mental state.


The only way that they learn to cope with it is to hurt people that they love the most because these people keep coming to them day and night. In this article, we will see some of the reasons why depressed people push others away and what you can do about that. Perhaps, you have somebody depressed and what to help them.


They feel hopeless


They feel hopeless and do not know that other can help them out and bring them out of their misery. They think that being depressed is the best way to go about things. Sadly that is not the way you go about things. It makes them push others away when they come to help them. They feel threatened by the presence of their loved ones and do not want others to feel their pain.


They do not want to drag others in their lives


Depressed individuals do not want to drag others in their lives and make them unhappy. They feel happy alone and do not want to disturb others in the mess that there are already in. There are situations where the depression can make people really paranoid which makes them see loved ones as enemies. This is extremely dangerous and can cause serious issues.


What to do in these cases?


This is what you can do in these cases. When the depressed person pushes you away, you must not feel hurt or upset. You need to be patient and understand their mental state of mind. However, they need your support and love to keep going. This is when you will want to find out what cheers them up. Avoid their favorite food as it makes them eat more and then they will put on weight.


You certainly don’t want that to happen. Instead take them out for a movie or dinner. This helps them see other people and remain cheerful. Depression can be also cured by animals. There are mild dogs which can make a huge difference in the house of the depressed person as they can communicate with the animal.


It is very crucial that depression does not last more than few days at the most. When it does happen, then there can be serious consequences and the person in question can even take extreme steps. Supposing you are not able to make them come out of depression, then take them to a reputed doctor who can help you out.

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