Many of you might think but why would i ever do that why would i give up everything to come walk with Jesus.but the truth is it’s not that hard so many people think you life stops moving and you separate yourself from the world or they think it’s to late I’ve done stuff that is to bad but that’s so far from the truth Jesus died for all of us and all our sins and he sat with the sinners murders because the sinners are the ones that need his help to find true happiness.

It is a lot like a sick person that needs a doctor. The sick person does not say im to sick to see a doctor. sounds crazy right? i laugh just thinking about it so many people think this way and it’s not true. it makes sense but why would Jesus do that did he have to no. but he chose to because of his love for us. he took a burdenĀ  that no one could take off of us but him and he said he will do it. Wow right some one would be willing to do that for you and for me because we have so much to live for then just money imagine a life where all you do is make money die leave it to you kids and repeat there has to be more?

But What?

So How Do I Start!

Watch The Video It Will Explain