When Do Boys Stop Growing Taller?

When Do Boys Stop Growing Taller?


There is no real answer to when do boys stop growing taller. Medically, the height of boys stops at the age of 20 or 22, not more. In the case of girls it stops by the age of 18. Those with the height advantage always feel superior and confident when they walk among the crowd. It is not necessary to be above 6 feet tall to feel confident.


What is called tall?


Anything above 5’10” can be termed as tall and huge. In few countries, especially Asian countries height plays a very crucial factor in the lives of the citizens living in there. In the United States of America, having a height of 6’5” will make you feel average because a walk in the street will show you that there are many of the same height.


It is said that the Netherlands has people who are very tall. You can find the average height more than 6’6” which is really tall. Anyways, growing taller is based on several factors. There is a common saying that the more you jump or run you can grow taller. Hence you can find children playing games like basketball or volleyball at the age of 12 or lesser grow quite tall.


How you can grow taller without affecting your self-esteem?


By the age of 12, boys tend to grow slowly. Once they have hit puberty, you will find them growing. That can be really annoying for parents who find that the clothing, especially the trousers not fitting because of the sudden growth. You can find them growing inches in a month. There is nothing you can do during this time.


When the growth is slower or faster than other kids, then you need to know that your child is having a medical condition which needs attention. You can consult a Pediatrician to find out what the real issue is and take the required medical help. When boys grow, they tend to be thin. Only when they stop growing, their muscles start to develop.


It is vital that you have your necessary Vitamin D and Calcium. Drinking milk everyday and having enough of meat products can help you increase your height as well as maintain your weight. Apart from that, you will want to ensure that you have sufficient sleep. When there are hormonal changes happening in your body you need rest.


Though having good height is important, you need to see to that you are in good health and confidence.

When Do Boys Stop Growing Taller?


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