Get to know more about a 13 year old puberty!

Get to know more about a 13 year old puberty!

It is at the age of 11 to 14 male puberty occurs. However, for females puberty comes at a much earlier age. The crucial hormone that causes the puberty is testosterone. It is due to this hormone only various sexual changes start appearing in the body. There are a few specifications of the changes. This article gives a thorough description of 13 year old boy puberty and its effect on his body. Take a look:

Distribution of hair

The hormone testosterone is the main reason for which distribution of hair over the pelvis region starts occurring. Initially, it is visible in the lower base of the male penis. Slowly, the hair starts spreading to the navel and starts getting too dense. As soon as it spreads in the abdominal area, it is called abdominal hair.

Shortly after the appearance of pubic hair, androgenic hair starts developing. Usually, at first you get to see underarm hair, and slowly hair in upper lip starts appearing as well. Sideburns and chest burns slowly improve. The facial hair starts getting coarser, darker and thicker just a few more years after puberty.


The hormone reduces the rate at which hair grows primarily on the head of the male. Depending on several factors, sometimes the reduction of hair growth leads to baldness. For instance, the degree of secretion of testosterone can also result in baldness.

The effect of voice

The size of the larynx increases and the voice starts getting thicker and coarser. For a 13 year old boy puberty usually results in a crack in the voice.  The voice might deepen and drop in the male. The changes in the sound usually occur in teenage years.

Changes in skin

The skin might start showing signs of acne, and the fatty acid composition might also show significant changes. The fact is, some might even use several medicines, however, and there is no such solution to these symptoms. Thus, the only solution is time.

Effect of the size of the testicle and its function

Enlargement of testicle usually occurs at the date of puberty. Changes might be visible. For instance, the size might progressively increase during the course of time. Its breadth and length might also increase during the years. You might also note enlargement of expansion of the male scrotum and also starts dangling below the contrary of the body.

To some extent the bone structure of the body might also change.

13 year old puberty!

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